Frequently Asked Questions

Q = What wood do we supply as firewood

A = We supply around 1000 cubic meters per year of Hardwoods mainly Ash,Beech,Birch and Oak - (we only use forest thinnings - no low grade woods or arb waste

Q =Are the logs seasoned

A = Yes we tend to call these logs air dried as it gives a more accurate description of how the logs are being dried - the main aim of drying (seasoning) logs is to remove around 50% of the water content. which will then allow the logs to burn clean and hot.

Q =Are the logs dry stored under cover

A = Yes we keep all our cut logs in a dry barn type shelter to improve the quality as they continue to dry out

Q = Do we sell kiln dried hardwood logs

A = Yes we supply over 450 cubic meters each year of kiln dried hardwood logs

Q = What size are the logs

A = Our standard size logs are cut to 25cm or 10 inch in length - 1-5 inch diameter. We can also offer Air Dried logs from 6 up to 14 inch on request

Q = What size are the dump bags - Barrow bags

A = The dump bags are 800x800x800 = 0.5m3 - Barrow bags are 480x480x087 = 0.2m3 - each bag is hand filled for maximum capacity and quality

Q = How many logs are in a dump bag or Barrow bag

A = Each dump bag hold around 200 - 220 logs - Barrow bags hold around 50 logs

Q= What is the weight of a dump bag

A= The approx weight of a dump bag is 250kgs - 350kgs depending on the type of logs - Kiln or Air Dried

Q = what is the delivery lead time

A = We aim to deliver most local order in 5-7 working days - lead times can increase during peak winter months

Q = How do i order

A = Orders can be placed via the online shop or via email - customers can also call 01342 716161

Q= How do i pay

A= We can take payments online via PayPal or we can collect payment on delivery (cash or cheque) BACS payment also welcome 

Please feel free to email if you need anymore help or advice.

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