About Us

With just two small hand axes and a chopping block, father and son Nigel & Karl Blackwell set up KNT in 2009 to offer local people top quality Hardwood Logs and other solid fuel related products. We have now become one of the largest firewood suppliers in the local area with a modern firewood production process, but our values will always remain the same - to give you, the customer, the best possible quality products and service every time you order.

Cutting Cord wood timber direct from local forests in Surrey, Sussex, and Kent gives us much more control over the size and quality of logs we offer to customers. We will always try our best to get you the correct size logs you require for your open fire or wood burning stove, and to make sure our logs are as dry as possible to give you great burning results.

When we warm our homes with wood, we participate in a natural carbon cycle (and we all love to sit in front of a nice warm fire on cold winter nights!). 

Here at Kindling n Things we offer you quality wood fuel products at a reasonable price, and first class service always.

Types of Hardwood Logs we supply

Cordwood timber

Ash - The best burning wood providing plenty of heat, will also burn when green

Beech - Good heat and flame, can occasionally give off a few sparks

Cherry - burns slowly with good heat and pleasant scent

Oak - Very old dry seasoned oak or kiln dried is excellent, burning slowly with good heat

Birch - Good heat and very bright flame, nice smell

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We always try very hard to source our cord wood timber from local forests in Surrey or Sussex to cut down on the carbon footprint related to the transport of the wood.

Want to have glowing heat or blazing flames? Understanding wood means you can be sure of having whatever kind of fire you want. The best firewood is down to more than just tree type.

Choosing the best wood for burning is not just about which tree the wood comes from. Is the wood seasoned or unseasoned? Is it hardwood or softwood? Which is best in which situation?

Kiln Dried or Seasoned firewood is always the best choice. It is drier, will burn at a higher temperature for a longer time, and gives real value for money. Wet wood burns slowly and weakly and ends up costing you more money. This is especially true with some green hardwoods.

Hardwood is dense. It burns down into glowing coals, giving out lots of radiant heat. It is usually the best wood to use for heating - but there are exceptions.

Softwood is also a very good source of heat, but only when well seasoned and stored in the correct way.


So what is seasoning? Essentially it is making wood fit for burning - by reducing its water content - usually by leaving it for a period of time 4-6 months in the right conditions. All wood contains water. Freshly cut wood can be up to 45% water, while fully-seasoned Air Dried firewood generally has a 25% moisture content or less.

Once prepared, the logs then need the proper storage to help them season properly. For most types of wood you should plan on at least six months seasoning  - some heavier woods like oak will need a year or more, and all will benefit from longer.

The first stage of seasoning involves using the sun and wind to help dry out the logs - so until the end of August the logs can be spread out in the open or stacked in rows. Then before the weather turns they can be stacked in your wood store to keep dry for use over the winter. The aim of the wood store is to keep rain and snow off the logs,but to still allow maximum air circulation to aid the continual drying of the wood. So ideally a wood store will have a sloping roof but open sides.

If you would like anymore information about how to store firewood please email or call us.