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Choosing BBQ Wood Chips for Smoking Meats

When it comes to smoking meats on your BBQ, not all wood chips are created equal. If you want to ensure you get the best possible flavours from your cooked meats, then it is essential that you choose both the right wood chips for your BBQ, and smoke your meats for long enough for the flavours to properly permeate the textures of the meat.

We believe that our kiln dried logs and smoking woods provide the very best flavour depth and variety when you are looking to cook food with wood logs.

How To Smoke With Your BBQ

Creating smoke within your BBQ is what will infuse that highly sought after smoky flavour into your food. You do this by lighting your BBQ and waiting for the flames to go out before closing the lid, effectively trapping the smoke inside the BBQ where it can permeate the meat.

It’s essential to ensure that all of the wood you use on your BBQ is free from synthetic or artificial products, such as glue and nails for example - these would leave your meat with a chemical based flavour that would render it inedible.

Cooking Food with Wood Logs

Cooking food with wood logs may seem complicated, but in reality it’s much easier than you think. When it is smoked slowly, meat becomes much more tender and tastes even more delicious - that is why slow smoking is so desirable. The good news is that this means you simply need to pop your meat on the BBQ, and leave the kiln dried logs to work their magic. Turn your meat occasionally, until it is blackened, softened, and melt in the mouth delicious.

One of the questions most commonly asked by BBQ and smoking enthusiasts is which kind of wood you should choose to smoke meats on a BBQ. In reality, the answer is that you can choose any wood that you wish - for the most part smoke is smoke, and wood smells like wood. It is the lengthy process of smoking the meat that will infuse it with flavour, rather than the particular kind of tree that the wood comes from.

Choosing Pre-Packaged Wood Chips Pre-packaged wood chips are one of the easiest and most efficient ways to evenly distribute the wood on your BBQ and ensure that all of your cooked meats are smoked equally - you can also use this same method to smoke fish. If you have never used wood to smoke meat on your BBQ then start small and build up to bigger and more complicated recipes - you’ll quickly find you love the taste so much, you’ll wish you could enjoy smoked meat for every meal!

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