We supply quality Hardwood Logs & solid fuels

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Small Bag Logs

Small Bag

(10 Logs)

Kiln Dried - As low as £7

Barrow Bag Logs

Medium Barrow Bag

(50 Logs)

Kiln Dried - As low as £37.50

Dump Bag Logs

Large Dump Bag

(200 Logs)

As low as £65

All quantities and measurements are approximate



Tel: 01342 716161

Standard log Length = 9 - 10" - width = 2 - 6"

other sizes can be supplied on request.

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A Warm Welcome to Kindling n Things

We deliver Seasoned Hardwood Logs,Kiln Dried Ash & Oak Firewood

to customers in Horley,Redhill,Reigate,Crawley,Lingfield,Oxted East Grinstead & Forest Row

Plus Kindling Wood,Heat Log Briquettes,Lumpwood Charcoal & BBQ Smoking Woods

We also offer a range of Melcourt Landscape Garden Bark,Wood Chips

Play Bark and SylvaGrow Compost

Garden Bark delivery

Wood Chippings

Garden Bark

Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs 

Always 100% Ready to Burn Kiln Dried Firewood.

This wood is very easy to light and burns very hot due to the low moisture content within the logs 15-20%.

We feel that selling Kiln Dried Logs enables us offer the best quality Firewood to our customers no matter what time of year you order. 

This wood burns with maximum heat output so you tend to use less logs per day compared to Air Dried or seasoned wood with a moisture content of 30% or more.

The kiln drying process takes around 3-5 days of baking the wood in a large kiln oven. This modern way of drying firewood brings the moisture content right down to the  optimum 15-20% which HETAS recommend for most wood stoves.

To get wood down to this kind of moisture would normally take 10 or 12 months if we are naturally seasoning our logs by the sun and wind.

Naturally Air Dried Hardwood logs

Our Air Dried or Seasoned logs are cut and stored in modern style open end barns to allow the maximum airflow around the wood while it is naturally seasoning. We have found this can help speed up the drying process and gives a very consistent supply of quality dry hardwood logs.

The Moisture content of these logs is around 25%-35% (Approx.)

Please note how we hand stack our Air Dried logs into the bags. This means you get up to 20% more wood per bag.

We are one of the only Firewood companies in the UK to hand stack our dumpy bags.


Firewood Sussex
Kiln dried logs for sale

Why Buy Logs from KNT?

KNT are a local family run business we pride ourselves in supplying great quality wood fuel products to all our customers.

  • We only supply quality Hardwood Logs & solid fuels for the best burning results
  • Best value for money - the low moisture content in our logs mean they can burn hotter for longer
  • We always have a consistent local supply of good quality cord wood timber in stock
  • All of our raw timber is sourced from well managed sustainable woodlands in Surrey Kent & Sussex
  • Free delivery direct to your home in (RH1,2,6,7,8,9,10,11,18,19)  
  • All our logs are stored in modern style barns to keep them nice an dry 
  • Friendly and professional service